Life as A Marriage Counselor From Tulsa

I have been practicing marriage counselling since 1999. Well time flies, to me it just seems like only yesterday I graduated from Harvard with a pHD on psychology. I am always fascinated by the way human minds work and make decisions. A

nd because this is a broad subject I decided to specialize in marriage counseling and opened up a website that you can learn more here. Patching up relationships by simply make each other feel loved and admired can easily help any relationship to grow back to normal state again. During the beginning of any relationship, partners go through a momentary phase of happiness, carrying a heart warming smile with a feeling that nothing could ever go wrong in life again. But sadly, this phase doesn’t linger for long

. Especially 3 years after any marriage, the frequency of conflicts increases and the cause of those conflicts become nuisance at some point. It can be because of hanging the towel assymetrically, but the other half wants it to hang symmetrical. This causes fights too I tell you.

Conflicts are good because without the presence of conflict, there is no love. If a woman argues with you always remember that she cares about you. The moment she becomes silent, she no longer cares. Keep in mind that arguing all the time is a sure call for the end of your relationship. In this way, I consult a couple together at the same time where they both hold each other issues regarding the major conflict. Some teachers have noted this as well. And I provide another means or solution to that problem following which will satisfy both of their needs. The solutions which I provide must not favor only one party as it might make the other one think that I am favoring them. This is a great therapy for the couples who are looking for scopes to get back together, and I just happened to be the mender.